Legal Nevada Gambling Sites

One of the first things that you probably think of when it comes to the state of Nevada is gambling, and rightfully so. With the city of Las Vegas attracting millions of visitors annually, largely highlighted by the many casinos and hotels, it's only natural that it comes to mind.

Welcome to, where we take that thought, and open it up into a ton of information at your disposal. We address everything related to gambling legally in the state of Nevada, and not just Las Vegas. Nevada is renowned for tourism and gambling, but it's important to know the legal ways in which residents + guests can place wagers, how it can be done, and why it can be done.

On this site, you will find a wide variety of angles and topics covered relating to the different types of gambling in the state. This includes betting on sports, playing poker, and other casino games. We want to inform readers and prospective players in the state of Nevada about the legal issues surrounding gambling, but not just at the land-based casinos. There is a heavy focus here for online gambling in Nevada. You see, Nevada is a big state, and Las Vegas is but a mere part of its makeup. As such, there are options open to those visiting Nevada, and those living in Nevada to place legal wagers online. Get all this information and more based on first hand experience gambling online and in the state.

Everyone knows that the overall betting pioneer in America is legal Nevada gambling. Gambling and Nevada go together like the desert and tumble weed, or Elvis impersonators and aviator glasses. Well, just so that you are aware of what is legal in the state I will go over the options that Nevada has for betting. Nevada is the gambling capital of the world so of course, they have a plethora of casinos, both Indian and state sanctioned casinos. Live poker has licensed card-rooms in addition to casinos. You can also play social poker at home as long as no one stands to profit from it. Online poker is legal but only if the poker site is located exclusively in Nevada. Sports betting is available in every form and fashion in the state, but again betting has to be done in Nevada. Nevada does not have a lottery. Bingo is legal as long as it is charity gambling, and no one profits from hosting. Legal Online gambling is taking Nevada by storm, these online sites are established in overseas countries but are legal for Nevada residents to play.

Since everyone already knows about the casinos, poker, and sports betting Nevada’s notorious for, instead I want to focus on the legal Online gambling in Nevada. Let me put your mind at ease and answer some of the most common questions asked about online betting sites.

Can Nevada Residents Legally Gamble Online?

Yes, absolutely! The laws in Nevada say that it is restricted to operate an online betting site within the states borders. Regardless, most online betting sites operate overseas and thus, federal and state laws and restrictions do not apply. Most Nevada residents prefer legal online gambling than going to dirty, run down casinos or paying butt loads for false extravagances. There is no dress code, no pit bosses giving you evil eyes, and no crusty old ladies ashing their cigarettes all over the slot machines. In addition, everything that a land-based casino has you can find online, and guess what you can play in your pajamas!

Has Anyone Been Prosecuted For Placing Bets Online?

To the best of my knowledge, I have not found a single case of anyone getting into trouble for using legal Nevada gambling sites. It is not against the law to place bets or wagers while using these sites. There is only one law that I can think of that affects bettors, and it affects them in a meager irrelevant way. The Wire Act is a law that was passed over 50 years ago, when we still had “gangsters.” Primarily, the Wire Act says that the transfer of money or wagering information over wire communication between states is not allowed. This means that if you live in Nevada you can only bet in Nevada. The way that these sites dodge these overbearing restrictions by being established in countries that are out of the jurisdiction of federal and US state laws. Everyone in the state of Nevada is welcome to use these sites. You will not break any laws by doing so.

Another subject I would like to broach with you is the legal age limit for both the state of Nevada and for online betting sites. Virtually all of the online betting sites state that you have to be 18 to play. However, some state that the age limit is 21. Regardless, the legal gambling age in Nevada is 21. If you are underage, do not gamble. We suggest that you wait until you are of legal betting age for both your state and the site you are sign up to wager online. To get the age policy of online gambling sites check the FAQ’s or help sections for more information.

Are Nevada Online Gambling Sites Safe?

Certainly legal online gambling sites are safe. Several of these sites have been around for decades. Some might even be older than you are. Businesses don’t stick around for extended periods of time if they were deemed to be unsafe or had compromised security. Reputation means everything to these sites and without it, they would not be able to compete or remain within the gaming community. The more reputable the site is the longer it has been doing business. You can expect a guarantee that it is a safe, secure, and respectable site.

If I Give Online Gambling Sites My Money, Will It Be Safe?

Without fail, you can expect that when you deposit money at an online gambling site it will be safe. Your purchases and investments will assuredly bring you some anxiety. These online betting sites are held to the same legal standards as any other reputable business. These sites only employ top of the line in IT security and network security, because they want to ensure you that your money and personal information are safe. For any questions or concerns you may have about the safety or security features of a betting site they provide several ways to communicate them, either through phone, email, live chat, etc.

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Legal Land-Based Gambling In Nevada

State and land-based gambling in Nevada is obviously different than that of many states in the U.S. Because this desert oasis was built off the gambling revenues of Las Vegas, the state still embraces the activity and the casinos operating within the state are very proud... just go look at those monsterous hotels + casinos situated on the Las Vegas strip.

Not only that, but Nevada is just one of two U.S. states that has regulated sports gambling for residents and visitors... the other state, Delaware, is very restricted and only allows wagers like parlays on NFL games. If you do not want to bet sports online, Nevada is where you need to be!

Rounding out the final major form of gambling, poker is still a game running strong and it has even resulted in several of the big casinos revamping their gaming floor to include a lavish poker room. Not only that but Las Vegas also hosts several of the biggest poker tournaments in the world including the entire 50+ events of the World Series of Poker.

There are obviously other forms of gambling that can be found throughout this state and there are a lot more cities/resorts that have casinos, bookmakers, poker rooms, etc... don't forget the Biggest Little City In The World (Reno) or Lake Tahoe which features gambling on the Nevada side of the border!

Legal Online Gambling In Nevada

​There have been some recent developments in this area. Recent rulings were made to allow legal forms of online gambling within Nevada. To be eligible to play legally, participants must either be a resident of the state, or be located in the state at the time that they choose to gamble. These online gambling sites are some of the only real money options legally operated by a state government in the United States; New Jersey + Delaware also added regulated online gaming in 2013.

When it comes to how exactly this will be fully regulated, that is still a work in progress when talking about every major form. This is definitely a win for all online gambling advocates who believe that it will positively impact the state economies. It's a driving force behind these types of sites being legal, in addition to the fact that they are popular.

Essentially it comes down to how well the government can regulate it, and furthermore, how can they see tangible evidence that it can help the local economy, whether through taxation or something along those lines. If states like Nevada and the others can prove to be successful, other states like California, New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, etc... could come on-board with this movement.

Online Sportsbooks That Are Legal For Nevada Players

Betting sports is something that most of us have done in our lives. Whether it's a small wager just between friends, or a wager at a Las Vegas sportsbook, we've probably done it. Online sports betting have developed to a point that is as good as any sportsbook you will find. Betting sports online offers players in Nevada the chance to bet on pretty much any major sports in the country, and even some outside of the U.S.

Are Online Sportsbooks Regulated By Nevada?

Sports betting in Nevada is a bit unique when it comes to the legality of it. That is because they are one of four states that can have legalized sports betting under the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act, established back in the early 1990s. Nevada was essentially grandfathered in after applying for immunity to the law. They were able to do so because they have at least a 10-year history of legal and licensed gaming in their state.

But when it comes to betting sports online, there are not any specific sites regulated by the state. Instead, what you get is access to offshore sites that cater to U.S. residents like those in Nevada. These sites are regulated by independent parties like we mentioned with poker sites and online casinos. Nevada players have the chance to sign up at these sites provided that they meet the legal age requirements and the site accepts them, which is most cases they do.

Safe Sports Betting Sites That Accept Nevada Players
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Legal Nevada Online Casinos

Online casinos will host a variety of different games, trying to meet the desires of many different types of players. These games will include ones like blackjack, roulette, craps, slots, and many more. Sites in this day and age provide the virtual experience of an online casino, bringing the feel of Las Vegas onto the computer screen.

Are Online Casinos Regulated By Nevada?

Assembly Bill 114, which was introduced and passed in the State House in April in just seven hours, is the key piece of the puzzle here when it comes to state regulation of online casinos. As it stands now, Nevada does not regulate online casinos - only poker. However, the language of Assembly Bill 114 leaves room for that to be the case down the road. It has legalized 'interactive gaming' and not just online poker. As such, you can see how online casinos can be brought into the conversation.

Nevada has long been seen as the gambling capital of the United States, but has been in competition with New Jersey of late. It was a large reason that this Assembly Bill 114 was introduced and passed so quickly, and that it's not a coincidence that New Jersey passed a bill like this, though more grand in terms of the legalization of online gambling in general, a few weeks before this one.

With that being said, there is another option as well for those in Nevada looking to play at online casinos legally. There are many sites that operate offshore not in the United States which are not under the federal jurisdiction and laws formed. Nevada players are welcome at almost all of these sites, and can legally sign up for an account. These sites are highly regulated, but not by Nevada, nor by the U.S. They are regulated by independent parties that review these types of sites within the industry to ensure legitimacy and no competitive advantage.

Best Online Casinos That Are Legal In Nevada
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Nevada Legal Poker Websites - Legal Online Poker In Nevada

Online poker is the game that many people favor when choosing to gamble. There are many different types of games of poker that can be played, and online poker rooms try to cater to the different ones. These poker sites will host different tables, limits, and tournaments, all of which can be played for real cash. Poker sites have long been hotly debated for several years now, and will continue to be likely until it is seen as being legitimate, for which legalizing the game will do.

Are Online Poker Rooms Regulated By Nevada?

While there are no online casinos regulated by the state of Nevada under the Assembly Bill 114, there are poker sites that are. These sites are very limited though when it comes to being played legally and under the regulation of the state government. The recent developments have allowed for residents in the state, or any other person visiting who is at least 21 years old to participate and play online poker.

Since the regulation of online poker in Nevada is so new, there have not been enough results to figure out whether or not it has been successful. For example, research has not yet been completed on the number of players at the sites, only estimates and studies about what could happen. The ease of access to the site has also not been fully evaluated. The only thing that is certain is the fact that this is legal, and it is regulated by Nevada.

Nevada Legal Online Poker Sites That Are Trusted
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Nevada Land-Based Gambling Laws

The Nevada Gaming Commission is in charge of all gambling related activities that go on in the state. And it's been a long relationship between gambling and Nevada, dating all the way back to 1931 when it was first legalized. Back then it was known as Assembly Bill 98, which was signed into law on March 19, 1931 by Governor Fred Balzar. It has paved the road for where we are today with gaming in the state. Nevada is responsible for about 20 percent of the nationwide casino gambling revenue, by far the most.

The legalization of gambling in Nevada back in the early 1930's has paved the way for how successful it has been in the state. And even with the digital frontier upon us, with the Internet creating new and exciting ways to bring gambling to the computer screen, Nevada remains the gaming mecca of the U.S., and is on board with the changing times.

Federal Online Gaming Laws Affecting Nevada

Keep in mind that while we've talked about the different state laws that affect Nevada, there are also Federal laws specific to gambling and online gambling. The main three that most reference are the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, the Federal Wire Act, and the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act. The latter two pertain only to sports, while the UIGEA spans all three areas.

But with states taking it upon themselves to create legislation to regulate online gambling, like in Nevada, like in New Jersey, these federal laws are becoming a bit less relevant. In the case of PASPA, Nevada was already immune from it because the applied to be when it was first introduced during the year window that the government was accepting of it. The point is that online gambling in Nevada took a big step towards state regulation with Assembly Bill 114, and now has laws allow for some legalized online gambling.