Nevada Gambling Laws & Statutes

If you’ve made it to the internet and you’ve lived in the United States for any given period, we don’t have to tell you that there is a lot of sanctioned gambling in the state of Nevada. In fact, it’s one industry that has proven vital to the economy of the entire state. For a city in the middle of a desert, Las Vegas is a positive oasis of culture and tourism. While there is a character to the city that would probably still be there even were it not known as the gambling capital of the world, it’s probably naïve to say that gambling played no part in its rise to prominence.

The following page will help residents of Nevada come to understand all the laws that influence them and their ability to gamble both in some of the numerous casinos in their home state and from the comfort of home using legal gambling sites for Nevada residents.

Important State Gambling Laws in Nevada

Although there is more legal gambling in Nevada than any other state in the union, this generally lead to even more confusing policies and regulations. We pulled some of the most meaningful passages from the Nevada constitution regarding gambling and provided some explanation below.

463.0129 - This is the little piece of legislation allowing legal gambling in the state of Nevada. Since the state court has ruled that gambling is critical to the local economy, the state regulated and tolerates it’s proliferation. This applies to land based sports betting, poker, and casinos.

463.016425 - Unique to most states, in this passage Nevada defines the internet as a communications facility, and therefore, establishes that a licensed facilitator may provide internet gambling just so long as they only accept residents of Nevada. Although players will need to sign up and receive their winnings in person, some prefer to know that they may gamble with established and successful land based casinos from the comfort of home.

463.160 - This policy means that, even though the state tolerates and even encourages gambling, it still strictly regulated. Although all Nevada residents are allowed to take part in gambling, special licenses are required to operate a gambling device or game.

463.360 - Despite the fact that Nevada is the most relaxed state in the union when it comes to their policies on gambling, the punishment for violating their regulations is much steeper. In addition, you can bet that law enforcement agencies in Nevada have a close eye out for this sort of thing at all times. Read this section to find out what potential penalties lie ahead for Nevada gaming code offenders.

465.093 - Here, the state backs the clause set forth by the Federal Wire Act. This makes it illegal for licensed operators to transmit betting information out of the state or and for players to transmit information in. Truly, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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Federal Laws Affecting Gambling & Online Gambling In Nevada

Wire Act – In many ways, it’s not necessary to get into a great level of detail when discussing the federal gambling policies as they apply to all US citizens because many of them do not apply to the state of Nevada. While the Federal Wire Act of 1961 continues to ban Nevada’s land based sportsbooks from providing service to residents of any other state, their exempt status from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) means the landscape within the state is unique to any other state in the country.

PASPA – First off, Nevada, although one of four states exempt from the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) passed in 1992 (along with Oregon, Montana and Delaware) is the only state to offer fully legalized sports betting. Whereas Oregon and Montana have yet to take advantage of their exempt status and Delaware only offers sports betting in a very restrictive form through their state lottery, Nevada is the only state that can offer sports betting in a land based setting. They are also one of the few states that can operate their own gambling websites. Combine these two facts, and you have the only state in which one may operate and online sportsbook free from and legal concerns.

UIGEA – However, the Wire Act does still apply. This means that no residents outside of Nevada can sign up for these websites, and that there is often a lengthy sign up process involved, at least part of which must be done in person. If one wants to avoid all this and perhaps even take advantage of more generous rewards programs, it is still legal in Nevada, as it is everywhere else in the US, to sign up with legal gambling sites that accept Nevada players and operate offshore. The great thing about Nevada is that players have choices they may not have in any other state.

Legal Nevada Gambling Age

Although Nevada is the easiest state to gamble in without fear of consequence, there is one key exception. Players must be over 21 years of age to participate in legal gambling for Nevada residents. The state of Nevada actively seeks out underage gamblers, and the establishments in Nevada are careful not to allow them to play. Even if someone under 21 does manage to fool casino employees, the penalties surely would not be worth the reward.

Online Gambling In Nevada...What's The Verdict?

Just as great responsibility comes with great power, a lot of regulation comes with legal gambling. Still, the laws of Nevada are easy to abide by, and as long as players avoid a few key actions, they should be able to gamble legally with no concern as to their legal wellbeing, whether they choose to gamble online or on land.

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