Legal Online Casinos For Nevada Residents

The following page will not only serve to answer some key questions about online casino gaming in general, but also help Nevada players to find some of the very legal online casinos for Nevada residents in the world. It’s our hope that all those who find this page leave it a more informed gambler.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Nevada?

One of the exciting things about Nevada is that, as a state, the fully sanction online casino games. This means that no resident can get in trouble for playing the slots or a few hands of blackjack online. However, it’s a slightly different tale for the sites themselves.

Nevada does not sanction their land based venues to offer online casino games, so at first glance it would appear that Nevada players who would prefer to gamble online are out of luck. However, the tale is only half told. While federal law prevents and online casinos from operating within the United States, there are several offshore venues that accept Nevada residents that operate well outside of U.S. jurisdiction. Thanks to these legal gambling sites for Nevada residents, Nevada players can gamble online legally with a legal business.vThis may not seem significant purely from a legal perspective as the player is always safe from prosecution to begin with, but when it comes to laying down hard-earned money, a legal business can provide a lot of security.

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Best Online Casinos That Are Legal In Nevada

Even though offshore online casinos for Nevada players may be legal, they do not all meet the same high standards when it comes to player safety. All of the legal online casinos that accept Nevada residents listed on this page have undergone a painstaking process to test for the utmost in both quality and safety. The first trait all of these venues share is longevity. Since these Nevada online casinos have all been in operation for well over a decade, they have refined their product and ensured customer satisfaction. This means reliable and speedy payouts for all users. The worst feeling in the world is laying down money in a casino and feeling unsure as to whether they will dole out your winnings responsibly or timely. With any of the casinos indexed here, this worry will be a thing of the past.

Lucky Red Casino
400% Match Bonus To $4,000!

One of the all-time great online casinos operates out of the UK. Lucky Red has been around for the better part of two decades, and has offered stellar service to their clients for that entire period. Their license issued by the Kahnawake gaming commission shown that this legal online casino has a deep commitment both to paying their customers out reliably and ensuring that they offer fair play against the house in all of their games.

If you’re still not a believer and the sleek design of the site coupled with the great variety of games has not convinced you, go ahead and sign up to give it all a try risk free. With a 400% bonus available for all new users, it’s easy to give Lucky Red a spin with absolutely no risk involved. All the bonuses you rack up are a fantastic opportunity to explore the casino without risking any of your initial bankroll. Check the promotions page on the site for more details then, take the plunge. We think you’ll be making deposits long after you’ve used up your bonus.

Club World Casino
$777 Free Welcome Bonus

Do you want an online casino that rivals the selection you can get on the Vegas strip without putting up with the crowds? We heartily recommend steering your web browser over to the legal online casino at Club World, and then letting your instincts take over. Since this online casino leaves themselves open to independent audits delivered with startling regularity, players never have to worry that they’re being taken for a ride to weasel them out of money. In many cases, Club World pays out more than the casinos in Vegas.

With over 120 games, it’s understandable if your head starts to spin a bit. However, Club World can help with that. Thanks to different bonuses issued, quite literally, for every day of the week, you can try out various different casino games without risking any of your bankroll. Whether you choose to take advantage of 65% off all games on Monday or 60% off slots on Thursdays, you’ll always find a great deal at Club World that makes it possible to try out any of their fantastic games with no risk to your money.

Best Online Casinos That Are Legal In Nevada
Casino Bonus Software Visit
Aladdin's Gold Casino 200% Unlimited RTG Visit
Lucky Red Casino 400% up to $4,000 RTG Visit
Club World Casino 100% up to $777 RTG Visit
Manhattan Slots Casino 100% up to $747 RTG Visit
High Noon Casino 200% up to $2,000 RTG Visit
BetOnline Casino 100% up to $1,000 RTG Visit
All Star Slots Casino 65% FREE Deposit Bonus x4 RTG Visit
SportsBetting Casino 25% Casino Re-up Bonus RTG Visit
Land Based Casinos In Nevada

You don’t need a google search to tell you that there are land based casino options in Nevada. The city of Las Vegas made itself famous thanks to its stance on legal gambling coupled with the wide availability of casinos. In fact, every day, tourists flock to Vegas for a tour around the city offering a tour de force of casino stops along the way. While many use the excuse of a bachelor party or some other event to cut loose in “Sin City,” most don’t need and excuse to hop on a plane and let their hair down.

Legal Gambling Age In Nevada - How Old To Play Online Casinos?

Although the stance on gaming in the state of Nevada is about as liberal as it comes, with more legality comes more regulation. As much money as Nevada pulls in from the gaming industry, do not take the enforcement of the gambling age for granted. Anyone under the age of 21 caught playing in a casino within the state of Nevada will not only have the casino they’re playing in to answer to, but the state itself who will likely hand down a steep penalty and even possible jail time for being underage. On the other hand, online casino users typically only need to be 18 to register, however it is probably still best to wait until actually turning 21 years old.

The Basics of Casino Gambling In Nevada...A Quick Recap

There is no state where it is easier to play casino games for money without risking a legal penalty. What many Nevada residents may be surprised to learn is that it’s just as easy to do so from home with no further troubles. In all honesty, if one lives near Las Vegas, they probably work in or near a casino already. Who wants to go into work on their days off? Thanks to these legal online casinos, it’s not necessary...and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons for playing online instead of in-person.