Legal Online Poker Rooms For Nevada Residents

Of all forms of gambling, there is one more popular than all the rest combined; the game of poker. While tourists in Nevada flock to the Vegas strip for the opportunity to play their favorite game under the bright lights, many Nevada residents opt to avoid the big tourist sport for the most part, and enjoy playing poker from home. The question is how best to go about doing so. Many online poker rooms that accept Nevada residents, some are sanctioned by the state and some operate offshore. Either way, most Nevada residents want all the information available, and that’s just what this page is here for.

As we continue, we will go over some of the primary questions facing those who are thinking of starting up with any legal online poker rooms for Nevada residents and review some of the most popular poker sites for Nevada residents.

Are Online Poker Sites Legal In Nevada?

It’s no secret that Nevada is one of the most liberal states in the union when it comes to online gaming, and online poker is no exception. In fact, Nevada is one of the only states in the union that sanctions online poker. This means that no Nevada resident can get in legal trouble for playing poker online, which makes it time to sort out the different types of venues available.

Two types of legal poker sites are open to Nevada residents. Many poker rooms host state-sanctioned websites of their own where they may play poker for money online. The trick with these is they force players to sign up and collect their money in person due to federal law that strictly regulates who can join a poker site operating in the US and how the money is distributed. For some, this defeats the purpose of playing poker online.

However, residents are also free to sign up with offshore, legal Nevada poker rooms who may legally accept residents of Nevada because they operate in foreign territories and are not susceptible to US laws. These sites can both accept applicants over the internet and mail their winnings right to their front door rather than forcing Nevada residents who would rather avoid the swarmed casinos.

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Best Poker Sites That Accept Nevada Residents

We already know that it’s legal to play online poker, but when choosing a venue, there are important criteria to meet besides assuring their players that they will not be thrown in jail. The biggest thing players must be sure of when signing up for a legal poker site that accepts Nevada players is that it is a safe, trusted place to keep money. Their legal status helps in many respects, the fact that all sites we recommend operate legally means they will avoid the fate of sites like Poker Stars. You’ll also want to look for licenses from reputable gaming commissions, and most of all, their record of service. All sites we recommend have been in business for at least a decade. Poker sites that do not pay out their players do not last that long in the industry.

SportsBetting Online Poker Room
Our Most Recommended Gambling Site

To anyone who thinks poker does not belong on a website named exclusively for sports betting, we pose one simple question: what plays on cable sports networks in the wee hours of the morning? To help celebrate poker’s newfound popularity amongst the mainstream airwaves, the acclaimed poker network at SportsBetting decided to add a premiere poker room to their long list of accomplishments. Between their excellent software and weekly guaranteed cash tourneys, most poker fans are glad they did.

If you aren’t convinced, that’s OK. SportsBetting will let you try their poker room free. Once you make your initial deposit into your poker account, they will match your deposit by 200% in the form of free money. You unlock this bonus by simply playing poker, so when you open your account, win or lose, you’ll gradually earn more and more free money. This is incredibly helpful for helping to recoup some losses or for making even more bankroll off your winnings. Sign up with SportsBetting to see where you fall!

BetOnline Online Poker Room
Our Most Recommended Gambling Site

If you decide to take the plunge and go with BetOnline as your preferred Nevada poker site, you will not be disappointed when you download the software and step inside the lobby. As the official partner of the World Series of Poker that holds its final rounds right in Nevada, BetOnline wants to ensure it’s as American-friendly as humanly possible. After collecting endorsements from leagues of Nevada players, it’s safe to say this legal online poker room has accomplished its goal.

Speaking of the World Series of Poker, have you ever dreamed of being a part of it? With BetOnline, the possibility is very real, even if it’s hard to catch. You don’t have to rely on a sweepstakes or a number drawing or anything of the sort; you merely need to win a series of tournaments that will continuously narrow down the competition as they progress. If you prove to be tops I the online poker rooms, you could soon be testing you mettle under the bright lights of the WSOP.

Online Poker Rooms That Are Legal For Nevada Players
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BetOnline Poker 100% First Deposit Bonus Yes Visit
SportsBetting Poker Room 100% Bonus On Deposits Yes Visit
Land Based Poker Rooms In Nevada

In a state that’s famous for offering a variety of land-based, real-money gaming options, it’s safe to say that poker fans can successfully wet their beaks on the Vegas strip. In fact, the city often calls out to poker fans from all across the country who want to play poker for real money in a lush casino with no worry or concern for legal troubles. Just as long as you don’t set up a high stakes poker game on the sidewalk in front of the police station without a license, you can get your poker fix delivered when, where, and however you please.

Legal Gambling Age In Nevada - How Old To Play Online Poker?

It’s no secret that Nevada sports some of the most liberal policy in the country when it comes to poker. As the saying goes, with great freedom comes great regulation. All players in Nevada must wait until they are at least 21 years of age to take part in gambling that's legal in Nevada or else suffer dire consequences, both from the venue they commit fraud to play with and their home state. Violators will need to turn over all of their money including any winnings, and face a steep penalty from the state along with possible jail time.

The Basics of Playing Legal Poker In Nevada...A Quick Recap

The state of Nevada may very well be a poker player’s paradise. Aside from the most allowing legislation concerning online poker in the entire country, there are legal land based poker rooms dotting the landscape at almost every turn. Far from needing to seek out means to play poker, a Nevada resident, just so long as they are 21, is spoiled for choice.